Pegler switches the NEC for event services

Richard Pegler has confirmed his departure from The NEC to take up a role with event services supplier and marketing consultancy group Mayridge.

Pegler has been with The NEC for four years, beginning as a consultant before taking up the role of venue sales director two years ago. He finishes at the end of August and takes up the newly created position of group commercial director with Mayridge from September.

Pegler said his decision to leave The NEC was driven by the commute between Birmingham and his London home.

“I am leaving the venue with a heavy heart,” he said. However, he welcomed the challenge of getting back into the services sphere with a growing company.

“Mayridge has strong aspirations to grow and holds an exciting position already in both the exhibition contracting and event services space,” Pegler told EN. “Longer term, the future of our industry is about having more than one string to your bow. With its multi-pronged strategy, I believe Mayridge can hold a strong place against agencies like George P Johnson as well as event production companies and I’m looking forward to helping build that.”

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